9 Mexican Foods Gringos Wouldn’t Have The Balls To Eat

7.) Patas de Puerco

No, these aren’t your ex-girlfriend’s feet. They’re pigs feet! And they’re damn delicious. The only other American cuisine brave enough to have this as part of menu: Soul Food!


8.) Chunchullo

Pork, beef, or lamb. Pick your intestines. Although not Mexican…if you’re Colombiano, Uruguayo, Argentino, you know what this is. This is yet another food we share with our Southern brothers & sisters…who call this chitlins!




9.) Morcilla

That’s not chorizo. Morcilla, moronga, moripan…it’s all the same thing: pig’s blood made into sausage. If you’re Mexican, you put this into a gordita and you’re set.



That’s it, folks. Don’t let your gringo friends judge what you eat.