Coming off the heals of its latest campaign, beauty brand Dove has just announced its Hispanic marketing campaign aimed at Latinas.

In its global campaign, women are given the choice to walk through one of two doors labeled “beautiful” or “average”.

It worked really well in San Francisco, Shanghai, London, and Sao Paulo, but brand managers decided to give it a twist when it came to targeting Hispanic women.

“There was a sense that the term ‘beautiful’ or ‘bonita’ didn’t really mean much in terms of aspiration. So, we gave it a transcultural twist and changed it to ‘gordibuena’‘, a Dove spokesperson mentioned.

The spokesperson went on to add, “[The term] Gordibuena really empowers Latinas to own their assets and takes it a step further than the term ‘beautiful’. It’s a journey rather than a destination.”

Dove hopes to take the campaign on the road to cities in the Southwest.


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