Being a Latino for Team U.S.A. ain’t easy, but don’t get it twisted. We prefer the red, white, and blue than that other tricolor, but that don’t mean nothin’ when it comes to our culture. Here are 10 things Mexicans fans think we do after letting them know that these colors don’t run.

10.) Eat vegan tofu burgers over tacos

Yeah effin’ right, yo.

9.) Listen to country music over Chente

Shiiiiiit. Ok, maybe sometimes.

8.) Drink Budweiser over Tecate

They both have eagles on their label, so whatever.

7.) Wear boat shoes over chanclas

We definitely don’t wear huaraches, but chanclas are still the norm.

8.) Change your name to Hunter from Jesús

Never will our kids be named Winter, Colton, Summer, or Brad. Ever.

7.) Grill vegetables rather than having carne asadas


6.) Drive a Prius instead of a Silverado

Hybrid trucks exist now though, right?

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