9 Mexican Foods Gringos Wouldn’t Have The Balls To Eat

If you’re Latino, you’re taught not to waste anything. That animal your uncle killed in the back yard…yeah, you’re going to eat the heck out of it. Eyes, ears, intestines, face, huevos. We don’t mess around. So, we’ve put together 9 foods that Gringos wouldn’t have the balls to eat.

1.) Tripa

Yeah, that beautiful piece of honeycomb beef tripe that’s essential to life (and menudo). It’s been reported that Americans are so scared of this, they’ve decided to eat “Gringo Menudo”…without the tripe.


2.) Lengua

That’s right, putos! Cow tongue. While you may think it’s gross, we think it’s delicious.


3.) Chicharrones

Fried pork skins. It’s a staple for any road trip. No one wants Doritos. Hell no. Give me some chicharrones.